Secure data disposal: In today’s digital world, the security of personal and business data is of paramount importance. As identity theft becomes increasingly sophisticated, traditional methods of data disposal, such as erasing or reformatting hard drives, are no longer sufficient. LeMay Mobile Shredding offers a cutting-edge solution to this problem with their on-site shredding services.  Let’s look at some answer to some common questions about LeMay Mobile Shredding’s services, helping you understand why this method is the best choice for secure data disposal.

What makes LeMay Mobile Shredding’s process more secure than traditional methods like erasing or reformatting hard drives?

Traditional methods like erasing or reformatting hard drives often leave residual data that can be recovered by skilled identity thieves. LeMay Mobile Shredding’s on-site shredding service destroys the hard drive into tiny metal shards, ensuring the internal platter, electronics, and storage mechanisms are irreversibly damaged. This method leaves no chance for data recovery, providing the highest level of security.

What types of media can LeMay Mobile Shredding destroy?

LeMay Mobile Shredding offers comprehensive shredding services for a variety of media types, including:

Hard Drives

Backup Tapes

Thumb Drives

Floppy Disks



Security/Personnel Badges



Credit/Debit/Gift Cards

Prescription Bottles

No matter the medium, LeMay ensures complete data destruction.

How does the on-site shredding process secure data?

LeMay Mobile Shredding’s state-of-the-art shredding truck comes directly to your location. The hard drives and other media are shredded on-site into small metal shards. This process allows clients to witness the destruction firsthand, ensuring immediate and verifiable data disposal.

Is LeMay Mobile Shredding environmentally friendly?

Yes, LeMay Mobile Shredding is committed to environmental responsibility. All shredded hard drives are 100% recyclable. The company ensures that all shredded materials are recycled appropriately, reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices.

Why should I choose on-site shredding over other data destruction methods?

On-site shredding provides several advantages:

Security: Witnessing the destruction process ensures your data is irreversibly destroyed.

Convenience: The shredding truck comes to your location, eliminating the need to transport sensitive materials.

Reliability: The shredding process leaves no chance for data recovery, unlike methods that punch or break hard drives.

Environmental Responsibility: Shredded materials are recycled, supporting eco-friendly disposal practices.

LeMay Mobile Shredding offers a secure, convenient, and environmentally responsible solution for disposing of hard drives and other sensitive media. By opting for their on-site shredding service, you are taking a definitive step towards protecting your data from identity thieves while contributing to environmental sustainability. Trust LeMay Mobile Shredding to handle your data destruction needs with the highest level of security and efficiency. Give LeMay a call today!